Terms and Conditions

Each customer/user who is interested to take advantage of the Service and decides to do that is obliged to observe all stipulations of this document ( Service Regulation).
Any derogations including not acceptance and/or extentions to the conditions of the Service document expressed verbaly are valid only if confirmed in the written form.
According to the Polish law none of our products included in a offer is cannot be considered as commercial offer but only information on last sales price of a specific product. In spite of our great efforts we cannot guarantee that in the published technical data there are no inaccuracies and/or errors.
Above inaccuracies and errors cannot be subject to claims. In case of any doubts, before you place an order please contact our sales staff or send your question by e-mail

We have the right to introduce design changes of products, which will not aggravate both useful parameters and esthetic ones.
Photos which are placed on our website can differ a little from real ones products.
Especially because of the different settings and the characteristics of electronic device screens and the specific colour reproduction characteristics through various programs to display graphics (including pictures) as well as the subjective character of people's perception of colours, the colours presented in our services are indicative - the colours visualisation being viewed on even the best calibrated equipment (display, computer monitor, smartphone, tablet, etc.) will not be faithful to the real colour of the products or their components.

In this respect no claims will be considered.

All prices are net and do not include transport costs.
We continuously increase our product range and we do improvement so all prices should be treated as guide prices and before you submit an order please check actual, real prices.

Delivery time
Execution of all orders is done in the shortest possible time. Phone call are not obligatory in this respect. Claims for not deliverd goods or being not in accordance with earlier phone calls are excluded, except if delivery date has been agreed in written form.

Customer pays for delivery costs and transportation fee is agreed upon for each case (order). In order to determine costs and the way of transport please contact with our sales department.

We send invoices with products or by e-mail or by Polish Post.

A buyer is obliged to check the delivered goods.
In case of any damages buyer should submit a written claim within 7 days after the reception of goods latest.
In case if damages(cracks)are discovered it is necessary to prepare A Claim Protocol and to e-mail that without delay. If this procedure is not applied it effects in no replacement of goods for new ones.This inconvenience is due to the procedure to receive a compensation from shipping company based on The Protocol. A courier has a Protocol form. Packages are open after bill of lading is signed.
On your request a courier is obliged to be present at the first packages opening.

Return from client outside Poland require separate arrangements.

Buyer is obliged to check designs and preliminary prints received for any correction.
Buyer’s responsibility comes over to him. After sending the written acceptance of design or preliminary print
Seller is responsible for errors caused by technical failures in a production process.
In case of colour prints (it is necessary to transfer a file to printing machine) small deviations from pattern colours are not subject to claims.
If Buyer will not confirm design or prints design correction it means his acceptance to proceed further without his acceptance. In such case no claims will be accepted. In case if defined colours in a palette differ than required, Buyer’s claims on no proper prints are excluded.
In case if technical parameters of files and/or graphic elements do not correspond to requirements, all additional costs of Graphic Studio aiming to prepare files and or graphic elements in order to make a proper quality prints to provide some will be added.
Personalized products prepared for special client order are not subject to return.

Personal data protection
When placing an order it is necessary to provide some of personal data.
The above data are needed and required only for a proper execution of Purchasing proces of our products or services.
Information which we need include: full name of a company, address,tax number, first name and family name of a person placing an order (or being buyer’s contact), his/her phone number and e-mail.
If some of above data are missing an order cannot be executed.
Company Soryks commits itself to use Buyers’ data only for the purpose to execute mutual transactions and no sharing them with third parties.
All details regarding personal data protection can be found on www.wygrodzeniabhp.pl (Privacy Policy)

Other information
All chromed goods should be used in an environmental (rooms) with regular humidity.

We reserve our ownership rights of offers, designs, photos.
Without our written permission the above can be shared with third parties.
On Soryks products there can be placed in a corresponding form an indentification sign.